Add an Art Event

Note: Do you already have a Gmail/Google account? If so, read here about how to automatically add your calendar events to our public events calendar.


To automatically add your events to our calendar from your Gmail/Google Account:

  1. Click on the Google button at the bottom right of the HeartlandArts.Net Public Events Calendar.
  2. If you have a Google/Gmail account, login. If not, then we recommend that you set up an account. You will automatically then be able to use Google Calendar, Gmail (email), Picasa (online/offline photo album), Blogger (weblog), and much more, free.
  3. Once you are logged in, share your calendar with us ( by clicking "share this calendar" on the dropdown menu for your calendar in the left column, or in the Settings. When you post a new event, include us in the guest list. Once we accept your invitation, your events will show up on the HeartlandArts.Net Public Events Calendar. If you already have events in your calendar that you want to invite us to, you can send out an email invitation in the 'edit event details' section of the event.